Sonntag, 23. Dezember 2012

Happy Holidays!

It's done, we just finished decorating our christmas tree. The whole living room smells incredibly good of Nordmann fir. Just as it should. All the four candles on the Advent wrath are lighted. Just as they should.

When I was a kid, my dad used to decorate our tree the morning of December 24. He's still the best christmas tree decorator I've ever met because he has the patience to spread all the ornaments evenly. I'll never be able to do it that way. When I moved in with my significant other, we decided to decorate the tree  a day earlier so we wouldn't be in a hurry the next morning.

I'll be in the kitchen tomorrow morning, fixing the Panna Cotta we'll have for dessert in the evening. It's a family tradition. That's what I love about Christmas: The family tradtions. 

Have you ever thought why you celebrate christmas the way you do? Do you start celebrating on December 24, like we do here, or do you wait until December 25? Do you go to church? Do you play games? Do you sing christmas carols? Do you have something special for dinner? Who decorates the christmas tree? Where do all the ornaments come from? Did you inherit some from Grandma?

Take a moment the remember yesteryear's Christmases. How did you celebrate when you were young? How did your parents and grandparents celebrate? Have you kept some traditions? Have you invented some new ones? What was the merriest Christmas you ever had? Were there bad times as well? Did something go wrong Griswold-style? Maybe someone set the tree on fire?

I guess in every family there are tales to be told. And Christmas is a good time to share some of those memories. Try to keep them alive - they are a part of your family history! 

Have a merry, merry, Christmas!

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