Montag, 31. Dezember 2012

What does the genealogist get for Christmas?

Easy enough! A new rolling cart for file folders that rolls neatly under my desk without sticking out at the other end, and the 8th season of BBC's "Who do you think you are?" on DVD.

I'll never get it why they don't broadcast it here in Germany. It's my favorite TV show. Of course.

I still haven't watched every single episode, but I'm getting close.

I really love the ones featuring JK Rowling and Emilia Fox (I still remember her as Darcy's little sister in P&P). The JK Rowling episode pointed out pretty well that your family's history is also the story of the women in the family - which is something male collegues sometimes tend to forget. Plus, I loved to be taken on Emilia's journey to discover her acting great-grandmother and of course Samson Fox - what a character!

Don't you think that the quirky ancestors are the most lovable ones?

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