Montag, 11. März 2013

A Family of Tailors

One of the families I've been researching from the beginning of my genealogical studies is the Sickendiek family which has its roots in the Bockhorst/Versmold area.

The spelling of the name(not the pronounciation) varies quite a lot, so far I've found


If you have one of these names in your family tree: Trust me, you'll end up researching the Bockhorst church records.

The size of my Sickendiek family tree is quite impressive nowadays. During my years of research, I've found that many of the male family members had the same occupation: They made at least a part of their living as tailors.

So one afternoon, I sat down and drew up a family tree by hand. It contains only the Sickendieks (etc.) who were tailors. This is what I came up with:

This is just a sketch - I'd never hand out something like this to paying clients -, but it'll do for my own purposes for a while until I find the time to do it properly.

I wanted them all on one page, so I took the liberty and jotted down only their given names, their birth and death years and the towns or villages they lived in. The names underlined are those of my direct ancestors.

So far, I've identified 22 Sickendiek tailors in six generations. (There might have been even more because there are still some Sickendieks left whose occupations I still need to find out.)

I guess that you could say that earning one's money as a tailor was something like a family trade - like father, like son. No, not only a trade; it was a tradition: Sons learned from their fathers. A tradition that ended when people decided that it is easier and cheaper to buy industrially produced clothes instead of hand-made, individual pieces of clothing.

Too bad.

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