Sonntag, 3. März 2013

Trying to read old German church records - Part 2

Here's another example how some of the old German church records were kept. It dates from 1687, and I took a copy of it because it containes the baptism of one of my ancestors, Anna Clara (Evering) Reckert. (Just to mention it: She was baptized as "Clara Anna". During her lifetime, the order of her names changed.)

Again, there is a system here.

Depending on the nature of the entry (a baptism, a marriage, or a burial), the writer started to write either on the left side of the page (baptisms), or left a one-third margin to the left (burials), or even left an almost two-third margin to the left (marriages).

Honestly - this is the form of records I enjoy reading least, though I have to admit it comes with one big advantage: You can see at a glance what happened in the congregation, chronologically and without having to turn pages.

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