Montag, 1. April 2013

A Complicated Name?

The other day, I found the death entry of a woman named

Wilhelmine Caroline Elise Dallmeyer gen. Kölkebeck geb. Westhoff gen. Meyer zu Reckendorf. 

She died 1914 at Kölkebeck, Halle (Westphalia), at the age of 70.

Is her name complicated? No, not really - if you know how to read it.

"Wilhelmine Caroline Elise" were her given names. So far, so good. This was an easy one.

She was born as Wilhelmine Caroline Elise Westhoff gen. Meyer zu Reckendorf; "Westhoff gen. Meyer zu Reckendorf" was her maiden name. (I already told you about typical Westphalian naming patterns.) Later, she married a man called "Dallmeyer gen. Kölkebeck".

That's what happened when a woman who was born with a "genannt"-name married a man who had a "genannt"-name as well...

What's also noticeable about this entry is the fact that not only her name was "Kölkebeck", but that she lived in a village called "Kölkebeck" as well.

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