Montag, 29. April 2013

It's a small world (after all)

It's actually a miracle that I can think straight at all.

After years of researching my own Family tree, I found out that my parents(!) have common ancestors. They both descend from a couple called Henrich and Catharine Meyer zum Gottesberge. Henrich and Catharine, who lived on the Meyer zum Gottesberge farm at Isingdorf No. 1, Werther. As far as I know, the place is still inhabited by the family, though I know none of them personally.

Henrich and Catharine got married in 1607 and had at least three children who survived to adulthood. One was a daughter named Ilsche who married Severin Fleer from a nearby farm. Another daughter was Adelheid. According to her death entry, she was born in or around 1614. Adelheid stayed on the family farm and married Henrich Weenhorst (Weinhorst). He took the name Meyer zum Gottesberge, and they had at least seven children. One of them was Margarethe Meyer zum Gottesberge, my father's direct ancestor.

Adelheid had a brother called Johann. He left the family around 1650 (he was one of the younger family members) farm to marry Maria Künsemöller from Künsebeck, Halle (Westf.). They managed the Künsemöller farm, and - as you can easily guess - Johann took the Name Künsemöller. He died in 1699, only about a month after his wife. Their son Caspar, born in 1653, became my mother's ancestor in the direct line.

Does this make my ahnentafel more interesting or is it the opposite?!

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