Montag, 22. April 2013

Major Roadwork Ahead!

A few weeks ago, I decided to finally move my own family tree to a more sophisticated software. I had played with the thought for years, but always postponed this task due to the immense amount of time I dreaded it would take.

Too bad - I was right.

I had no problem converting my tree to gedcom and open it with the new software.
I have a huge problem with what the new program has made of it.

What really annoys me is that the new software has stolen about a zillion years from my tree. Each time I had entered a time frame, for example "1850-1950" (I do that when I know that a person was born in 1850, but have no idea what happened to him/her afterwards), the new software takes away 1,000 years from the last number, so "1850-1950" becomes "1850-950". Those mistakes are easy to find, though, and are easy to fix.

What really makes me desperate is that my old software abbreviated terms like "about", "before" and "after" to "abt", "bef" and "aft", while my new software does not. As these abbreviations are completely unknown to the program, it just ignores them completely. They don't appear anywhere. As a consequence, I have to check all of the 11,500 persons in my tree if  there is an "about", "before" or "after" missing. It'll take a while...

What I can deal with is that sometimes, a "note" has been converted into a "place". At least, they still show up.

So I decided I'd make the best of the situation: If I'm editing anyway, I can do ir properly and enter for example their religion (which is something I have to admit I have neglected quite a bit because most of them were Protestant anyway. I only noted their religious views if they were Catholic or when I had proof they left their church altogether.)

I try to edit at least a few minutes every day. Doing it all at once would be impossible.

Baby steps.

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