Montag, 29. Juli 2013

Did they go on vacation?

Summer vacations have finally arrived here in Germany. Though I'll stay here for another five weeks, I'm already making my to-do list (I'll check it twice before I leave).

All the planning and organizing made me think: "Did my ancestors go on vacation at all?" As far as I know, traveling just for fun was not really common in my family. Some of them traveled far - but mostly because they had to (war didn't leave you with many choices), not because they wanted to. Many of them were either farmers or owned a business, so traveling was also a matter of finding the time. My parents were the first of my ancestors to ever board a plane!

Did your ancestors travel for the sake of traveling?

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  1. Hmm...that is an interesting thing to think about. I know that my mother's side of the family traveled by car across the country...but I don't think they ever flew anywhere. I'll have to dig around...I'm interested now!