Samstag, 10. August 2013

At least three acts of... what?

I just stumbled across an entry in the Werther church records that really leaves me thinking.

It's August 1755, and a little baby girl, Catrina Ilsabein Hülsiek, has just been born to the farmer Johan Henrich Hülsiek and his wife Catrina Ilsabein née Lohmann. At first sight, it appears as the usual baptism entry, if it wasn't for the note the reverend left:
"This child's mother has been insane for several years. This is the third child she gave birth to during her delirium." 

This gives me the creeps. Honestly.

Right now, I can only imagine the life this woman had to lead, and I'm deeply sorry for her.

And, disturbing as it may be, I guess we can't even be sure that the kids' father was really her husband. It might as well have been someone else who lived in the house or nearby.

I guess I'd like to know more about this family. Add another item to my to-do list...

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